Shri Babulal Polyurethane Products Pvt.Ltd.



Infra Structure

Automated Meter Mix Machine for polyurethane manufacturing.

R&D Mixing set upDurometer test instrument.

Tensile/Compression Tester(Replacing current machine with latest equipment, capable of SPC chartingBashore resiliency measurement.

Rubber Molded Parts from Mixing OF Rubber to sheet metal conversation to testing of finished products and in house tool room consisting CNC machine.

Quality and Mission Statement

SBPPPL brings the latest relevant development and technology to the customer through their "Advance Technology& Suitable for Local Processing System".

All equipment regularly calibrate independently to ensure precise and accurate readings as a part of ISO obligations.

We are committed to Excellence in customer service and product quality through the dedication, teamwork and the skill of our people. A skilled and dedicated team working together to be "Your Partner in Polyurethane" We practicing our Company's Philosophy of "The Three Excellence" They are:

  1. Exllence in Product Quality
  2. Excellence of Service
  3. Excellence in Price Competitiveness

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