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After ordering your pillow, it shall take between 2-7 working days depending on your location.
YES! In case you wish to return the product, you may do so within 7 days from date of receiving the product. You may contact our customer support and our executive shall assist you with it, you may however have to bare the nominal logistics charge for sending us the product back and we shall refund you 100% post receiving the same.
All our sleeping pillows have a dimension of 24 x 16 x 5 inches which fits with any standard pillow case.
Our Pillows are Physiotherapist certified for reducing neck/back pain, as it helps you align your neck and spine throughout the night.
All COMPHY sleeping pillows come with a 2 year warranty against foam resiliency, which means we guarantee you the same comfort level on 730th Day as you feel on the 1st Day!
It is a common myth that memory foam makes you warm and leaves you perspiring throughout the night, COMPHY pillows are specially formulated and crafted to take care of any such issues.
COMPHY Pillows are 100% Made in India. We DON’T outsource any readymade pillow.
COMPHY Pillows is a result of indigenously developed unique set of technologies like Blend, Sprinkle, Infusion and Pneumatic inspired from USA and Germany used for manufacturing different variants. We use in-house formulated various Polyurethane sytems to manufacture all our products.
All our pillows are uniquely designed keeping various customers requirement in mind, thereby ranging from Super soft variant like Aloe Vera Pillow to a bit Firm variant like Premium Pillow.
Our traditional Luxury and Cool variants are best recommended for a side/back sleeper.
Our Premium variant that comes with a Breathable foam and a Natural Bamboo cover is best recommended for a stomach sleeper.
It depends on individuals, our survey over past year says that it takes max. 5 days to get accustomed with the highly relaxed feeling offered by Comphy Pillows.
Yes! All the variants come with hypoallergenic pillow cases specially crafted to give you a luxurious feeling.
YES! Pillow covers can be removed and gently washed in washing machine or dry cleaned as well.
NO! All pillows are made with special foam systems, they aren’t washable.
You need not put an additional cover on the pillow as it comes with a cover already, however you may change the same timely so as to match with your bedsheet cover, purely based on your decision.
Yes! Bed bugs can’t dwell in memory foam and the material is also way resistant to dust mites compared to typical fiber pillows.

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